When Nikki Garcia’s multinational company in Minneapolis, Minnesota asks her to fly to Medellin, Colombia to investigate fraud allegations against the general manager of a steel mill, she agrees to go for the love of adventure and to keep her mind off the haunting death of her twelve-year-old son. As a guest at a lavish party at the home of Manuel Del Campo, the very man she is investigating, she is awed by his extravagant lifestyle. She also meets another guest, Eduardo Duarte, a respected medical doctor. The chemistry between Nikki and Eduardo is electric and over the next few weeks she finds herself falling in love with him.

During her investigation she uncovers the accidental deaths of two mill employees and questions whether they were accidental or not. One evening while she’s on a date with Eduardo, her hotel suite is ransacked and her computer is stolen. A couple of days later, a young informant within the company dies in a suspicious auto crash after talking with Nikki.

Sensing the danger she finds herself in, Nikki hires a private detective she’s worked with before, Floyd Webber, a former CIA operative. The stakes increase as they suspect illicit drugs are transported to US ports in the same shipment containers the company uses for its steel exports. To take a break from the investigation, Nikki, accompanied by her doctor, hike the Tayrona National Park on the splendid Caribbean coast of northern Colombia. Her life is threatened in the park by a stranger who disappears when Nikki shoots the Baby Glock she is carrying for protection.

The incident makes her vacillate between her love for Eduardo and the sudden suspicion he may be part of the drug ring she’s investigating. Nikki further grapples with separating the good guys at the company from the bad, and the ones who could go either way. As the bad guys make themselves known, her only hope for survival is outsmarting them. Is she up to the task?