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  1. Cherie Feliciano

    Hello Kathryn,
    I have always wanted to write a children’s book. Reason, when Joseph was a little guy and teaching him how to use the potty, I began to make up a story about alittle mouse (who was Joseph in reality)every time he would be sitting on the toilet doing his business. I would sit their with him and tell him this fantastic story, and it continued on and on with adventures, he always wanted to find out more and more about the little mouse ( who I named Toola) I made the name up. Toola also had a mommy (me) who loved her little mouse very much and a friend (who I named tangie, girl mouse).Well, the story goes like this, Toola had a rocketship, and he would visit the moon a lot, but of course his mom could see him playing on the moon, because in story books anything is possible, and Toola the mouse has tons of advantures, Joseph is Toola in the story, till this day, he remembers when I told him the story. And yes he was potty trained well!! Ha, Ha? Now of course, there is so much more to write about this adorable mouse, it’s brings tears to my eyes that He still remembers!

    • Cherie,
      Wow, I love the story line. I think it’s a fantastic story! You might want to work on it and hire a beta reader to review it. Publishing is difficult,but for children’s stories,I would recommend self-publishing. You might want to think about it—it can be a lot of fun!
      Good luck!

  2. Art Clifford

    I look forward to following your blog.

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