Nikki Garcia, former international fraud auditor turned private investigator, escapes to Spain with her fiancé after a death threat on her last assignment in Mexico. She puts the past behind her and turns the trip to Barcelona into her destination wedding. A week later, Nikki and the love of her life, Eduardo, find themselves caught up in a terrorist attack at one of the city’s major tourist attractions. As events unravel, Nikki discovers she is being stalked. Worse, she may have been the target of the deadly bombing.

In a foreign country, where the authorities investigate the terrorist attack, they ignore that Nikki, an American woman, may have been the intended target. The newlyweds must navigate behind the legal and law enforcement systems to uncover the sinister person threatening Nikki.   

To find out who is plotting against her, they consider international connections to people she encountered during her past investigations in Latin America. Weaving their way through Barcelona in an attempt to get facts, Nikki and Eduardo further may endanger their lives upon discovering people, from flamenco dancers to foreign nationals, an who are following them. 


Will they be able to outsmart the would-be assassin’s attempts on Nikki’s life?