Is there a Camera in the House?

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Two weeks ago, I participated in a reading from my collection of short stories, and the next day I did a radio interview. Both events were videotaped.

The Rick Schissler Weekly Business Hour at Lone Star Community Radio in Conroe invited me on Rick’s show to provide insight about authors and creative writing as a business venture. I’ve done radio interviews before and in fact, I’d been interviewed by Rick after my novel Waking Up in Medellin had been released. For this second interview, he wanted to talk about three bits of information:

  •      the five awards Waking Up in Medellin received since its publication
  •      what awards achieve for an author’s career
  •      Coyote Zone – my new Nikki Garcia Thriller released in October

Rick’s interview style is very relaxed and he makes his guests feel welcome and comfortable. Since there is no visible audience, it’s relatively easy to kick back and simply enjoy a conversation with him.

Link to the video is:  (start at minute 30)

The gem of a bookstore, one-of-a-kind, Malvern Books in Austin hosted me for a reading for the official launch of my short story collection Backyard Volcano and Other Mysteries of the Heart. The staff at Malvern was very friendly and professional. Yet that event felt like a high stakes, nerve wracking situation for two reasons:

  • The audience included erudite people who penned literary works including Alamo Bay Press publisher, Lowell Mick White, Ken Fontenot, and David Oliphant. In addition, I did not want to disappoint friends my husband and I had invited.
  • I’ve done many power point presentations on my books, but not too many actual readings. PowerPoint makes me feel that if people don’t like my presentation, at least they might enjoy the photos I’ve selected for the slides – making the process much easier.

Link to video, copy to your browser:

Now let me get back to the videotaping – the issue for me is my camera phobia. I like to be behind the camera, not in front of it. Cameras pointed at me make me nervous! I can be perfectly relaxed until a camera appears and then I lose focus, get fidgety and start sweating!  And I’ve had tons of photos snapped of me and many of those get posted on my social media.

At both Malvern Books and Lone Star Community Radio, my brain forgot the camera – I never saw either camera until each event was over. And it made all the difference for me – I enjoyed participating!

(The link for the Malvern Books Reading by Kathryn Lane is provided with permission from Malvern Books; the link for The Rick Schissler Weekly Business Hour is provided with permission from Lone Star Community Radio).



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