Coyote Zone has a Tree of Life!

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Coyote Zone Contains a Tree of Life!

(Coyote Zone, second novel in the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series)

When my novel, Coyote Zone opens, protagonist Nikki Garcia is sitting atop the Maya Temple of the Inscriptions in the Yucatan with her fiancé, Eduardo. A fitting location since both of them love archaeology. As they leave the site, Nikki sees a young vendor selling necklaces with the Tree of Life motif. Eduardo, always the gentleman, purchases one for her.

It’s a small detail in the story yet one that carries through to the end. You might ask why an author would write such minutiae into a novel.


Representations of the Tree of Life, or “World Tree” as it is also called, recurred with persistence in various locations during a research trip I made to Mexico for Coyote Zone. The symbol kept nudging me as if begging for a role in the story. It’s an interesting symbol. And it dates back to the Maya and other ancient civilizations in Mesoamerica. So I included it. It’s there to add a palpable experience Nikki encountered when visiting Palenque. It’s an experience many tourists encounter – vendors selling hand-crafted souvenirs, including the Tree of Life at Maya sites.



At a book event where the San Marcos Book Warehouse hosted me, a lovely young woman from Corsicana, Texas, came by to chat about my book. I noticed she wore a Tree of Life necklace. When I mentioned that the protagonist of my book also wore a World Tree necklace, she felt compelled to purchase Coyote Zone.


It’s satisfying for me, as an author, to connect with readers through fun, if trivial, tidbits of information. It brings the story closer to the reader.

If you’ve read an interesting tidbit you can relate to your own life, I’d love to hear back from you.


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