Best Female Characters in Literature

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  1. Elizabeth Bennet -Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth-Bennet

  2. Natasha Rostova -War and Peace Natasha-Rostova

  3. Jane Eyre -Jane EyreJane-Eyre

  4. Anna Karenina- Anna KareninaAnna-Karenina

  5. Lady Macbeth -Macbethlady-macbeth

  6. Hester Prynne -The Scarlet LetterHester-Prynne

  7. Becky Sharp -Vanity Fairbecky-sharp

  8. Catherine Earnshaw -Wuthering HeightsCatherine-Earnshaw

  9. Marianne Dashwood -Sense and SensibilityMarianne-Dashwood

  10. Scout Finch -To Kill A Mockingbirdscout

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