Announcing the Name

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Announcing the Name


My first novel is about to be released by Pen-L Publishing. An undeniably exciting event for any budding author—you can call me crazy if you wish—but for me, it represents the satisfaction of having quit a well-paying job in corporate America to—well, create fiction. I pretty much abandoned my analytical left brain in the HR office when I resigned. My quest to re-gain my creative right brain took me on a writing odyssey of short stories and longer fiction. Having my first novel published is sort of a vindication that maybe it wasn’t such a crazy idea to leave that corporate life after all.

Since so much of my life and my corporate work revolved in and around Latin America, it’s only natural I penned a novel located in Medellin, Colombia. Since I’ve given away the Medellin hint, let me ask you if you’ve ever wondered what you’d do if you found yourself Waking Up in Medellín?

Yes, you guessed it—Waking Up in Medellin is the title of my book. And if you have not traveled to Medellin, you’re probably wondering what you’d do if you ever did find yourself waking up in that beautiful South American city. Would you know whom you could trust or where to find a romantic getaway? Would you be worried about your chances of getting kidnapped or would you think you might need fencing equipment, a helicopter, or a concealed weapon during your visit?

Let Nikki Garcia, protagonist from Waking Up in Medellin, show you how to navigate “la ciudad de la eterna primavera”, the city of eternal spring. Yes, Nikki has an adventuresome spirit and here is one quote from the novel.

“A job with no life-threatening events?” Nikki asked. “How boring would that be?”

Waking Up in Medellín will be available March 25, 2016 in ebook format and April 5, 2016 in paperback at the following booksellers:

Pen- L, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and check with your local book seller.

Continue to check this blog for details. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated.


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  1. Wendy Gerlach

    Love the new title of your book and can not wait to read it. Sounds like a real page turner!

  2. Loved the book. Read it in two days. Quite a thriller. James Paterson and David Baldacci better watch out.

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