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A friend described Universal Studios in Orlando as a “watershed of American culture”. Ignoring his sarcasm, I still wanted to see Harry Potter’s world and

experience fire-breathing dragons, and simulated rides. And
Potter’s world of fantasy proved well worth tolerating the crowds, the heat, and the Hannibalean effort of walking the park from one end to the other to see both Harry Potter sites. As you recall, Hannibal marched an army across the Alps. His entourage included war elephants.

No live elephants on my route, but I did encounter the unexpected – a large, toothy raptor, probably left over from Jurassic Park.

Its trainer informed the public the raptor was becoming “a bit aggressive” and the creature was whisked off for “lunch”.



Lunch, by the way, was a shot of 10,000 volts of electricity.



dinoWhen the raptor moved, he looked so lifelike it was scary! It made me research the special effects of Jurassic Park (JP — a 23 year-old movie) to see the percent of computer-generated visual effects (CGI or animation) vs animatronics of that first JP film. A blog by Tim Brayton (Film Experience 4/5/13) explains Jurassic Park should look outdated but does not, primarily due to CGI being used minimally. Instead, animatronics like the raptor in the photo, the raptor who almost ate us for lunch, was used and that has kept the film fresher than Harry Potter CGI-based films.

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  1. Great post! Orlando is magical. Did you find the Harry Potter attractions to start showing their age yet or does it still look amazing? Fortunately, you were a survivor of the remnants of the Jurrasic Park era. Legend has it that only a few ever live to tell the tale of roaming raptors left after the “incident” that closed the park.

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