Waking Up in Medellin (Now on Sale)

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I want to let everyone know Kathryn’s novel is now available, but let me tell you about myself first.

A few of you already know me. For those of you who don’t, let me introduce myself—I’m Toucal, a toucan from the Guatemalan jungles. Kathryn adopted me as a baby when she was on assignment in my ancient and charming country.

Kathryn and I had a lot of adventures together in a comic strip we both wrote for family and friends, way back when we were traveling internationally for her corporate job. Recently, I’ve mostly been sitting on Kathryn’s bookshelf, reading her collection of great books.

Last night I discovered a really good novel, titled Waking Up in Medellin. When I read the author’s biography, I experienced a WOW moment—my very own Kathryn wrote it…!

I highly recommend Waking Up in Medellin and it’s available for purchase with Pen-L Publishing and bookstores, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and even your local bookstore.

After you read Waking Up in Medellin, I’d love for you to tell me if you liked it and what you liked.





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  1. I read your potinsg and was jealous

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